Temperature Security for Shipments

The most seamless temperature monitoring solution that secures your valuable cargo.

Meet CoTag

End-to-end temperature monitoring solution built for those prioritize quality.

Start recording instantly.
CoTag allows you to monitor refrigerated and frozen goods with ease. The slim logger is suitable for any kinds of packages and the best temperature guard for your shipments.
Get the full picture at a click.
Monitoring shipments has never been convenient. All you need is a phone - than computer or other devices. Gain up to 3-month data visibility with just a single click.
Streamline operation on the cloud.
Visualize data, download reports, and manage shipments all in one place. Cloud dashboard empowers you with efficient risk assessment and eliminates cumbersome paperwork.

Ensure Your Quality with
Intelligent Data


Reduce risk effortlessly

Don't worry about your loss anymore. We assist you in taking care of risks so you can focus on delivering value.


Ensure compliance and quality

Compliance is just the beginning. We are committed to helping you excel at quality and make it the top priority.


Increasing profit margins

Data-driven management helps you optimize supply chain, turning past losses into new profit opportunities.

Why Gocochain

The easiest way to control over your supply chain.



Experience seamless monitoring experience with intuitive design, making complex tasks simple and save your time.



Respond to issues with instant alarm, and share visibility with your partners in the cloud to better prevent from waste.



Empower decisions with data and insights in your cloud. Also, our API can be easily integrated with your system.



Ensure compliance with regulations and establish partnerships, securing your operations and reputation.

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We have your shipments covered with intelligent temperature monitoring.

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